Learning Styles Quiz

Click the first answer that comes to mind, or the one that occurs most often. Keep a record of the response.

1. When relaxing I prefer to:

a) read or watch television

b) listen to the radio or music

c) play sport

2. When trying to remember people I tend to:

a) remember names but forget faces

b) remember what I did with them

c) remember faces but forget names

3. When I am concentrating I get most distracted by:

a) People or things moving around

b) untidiness

c) noise

4. I learned most about the school rules from:

a) the code of conduct in the diary

b) what the teachers said

c) my experiences at school

5. I solve problems easily by:

a) talking about possible solutions

b) hands on experiences

c) writing/drawing possible solutions

6.If l had to wait an hour for a bus l would most likely:

a) fidget, walk around

b) watch people or the scenery

c) talk to myself or talk to others

7. To show sympathy I would most likely:

a) send an email to a person

b) telephone the person

c) visit the person

8. I try to spell a new or difficult word by:

a) sounding it out

b) write it to see how it feels

c) writing it to see how it looks

9. When I get very angry I tend to:

a) go quiet and fume silently

b) shout and yell

c) storm off, bang things

10. In class I prefer:

a) lectures and discussions

b) experiments and activities

c) diagrams and pictures

11. In a video shop I am more likely to choose from:

a) action, adventure

b) comedy

c) music

12. To know what sort of mood someone is in I tend to:

a) look at their faces

b) listen to their voice

c) notice their gestures

13. At a party I tend to spend most time:

a) running around or dancing

b) watching what is happening

c) talking and listening to others

14. I prefer something explained by:

a) diagrams, pictures, maps, graphs

b) talk, lecture

c) demonstration

15. In class I like it best when we are:

a) listening to the teacher talking

b) moving around, doing things

c) writing or doing worksheets

16. I learn skills best in sport when the coach:

a) demonstrates the skill

b) explains the skill on the board

c) talks about the skill

17. In the evenings, at a camp or on a trip, I would prefer to:

a) text my friends

b) tell jokes and listen to them

c) kick a ball around

18. I would prefer my best friend to like:

a) the same music as me

b) the same sports/activities as me

c) the same movies or TV shows as me


Now you know your learning style, check out our strategies page to get some tips on which ones suit you.